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Slot Strategy: The Importance Of The Bonus Game

One of the most captivating aspects of slot machines is undoubtedly represented by the Bonus Games that characterize their operation.

In fact, the prospect of inserting a few tokens and being catapulted into a rich phase full of bonuses and prizes is one of the elements that push many players to try their hand at these games every day.

The difference between Bonus Game and Jackpot

It often happens that a novice to the world of slots can make the mistake of confusing the Bonus Game phase with Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots .

In the previous articles we have already illustrated the difference between these different game modes, but in this location it seems correct to repeat, in order to avoid misunderstandings:

  • the Bonus Game phase is foreseen in most of the slots and is started through special symbols that stop on the reels;
  • the Jackpot is generally started in a completely random way and does not require a special bet to be activated;
  • the progressive Jackpot is also started randomly, but to be activated it requires a side bet that has the value of the maximum bet allowed by the game ( Max Bet ).

Obviously this is a rough indication, as the world of slots is incredibly varied and has thousands of variables, however we have tried to make a summary of the general panorama.

Know how the Bonus works

We have already included this indication in the article on the study of the demo version of the slots, but here we want to deepen it.

In fact, knowing the function of the so-called Features of a slot can make a huge difference, as during these phases the gaming experience can be less simple than that which characterizes the standard phases.

So the advice remains to spend a few hours playing with the demo versions of the slots, in order to get to have a good general knowledge of the Bonus game phase of the slot with which you are going to compare.

Bonus (Free Spins)

Sometimes the bonus game stage may consist of a set of free spins, in which the player has particular multipliers.

This type of Bonus is generally triggered by Scatter symbols .

The importance of the Bonus in the choice of the slot

The richness of the Bonus Game is one of the most important factors when making the choice of the slot with which you are going to play.

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